Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance for the week 20 Jan-26 Jan 2014

 Make good useof your resources and reap benefits accordingly. You can enjoy a period of accomplishment and will be adequately awarded for your efforts. An investment entered at this time will pay off. You can take charge of your career path and can reach a position of leadership. Others will respect your abilities and accomplishments. Enjoy this time of fulfillment. Be in full command of yourself and keep your sense of worth strong. Now, you can use your knowledge, money or skills to help others.

Romance: Romance is calling you.Use the guidance to follow the pathway of those feelings. Take action in your love life or approach the one that made your heart leap.If youhave been longing for romance , make that happen by first treating yourself well. Attract romance by affirming that its already inside of you. You will recieve fullfilment and security when its in you.

Angel message: Changes are happening not just inside you but outside of you as well. Among these are changes in friendships. Changes in friendships are natural, angels are asking you to surrender your relationships to them. They will lovingly help all of you during this transition phase. You are ready to also receive new friendships who mirror your interests and ambitions.

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