Sunday, 30 September 2012

Oracle reading 1Oct-7Oct 2012.

Spread the message of goodness in life.Time to pardon people who do wrong for they know not what they do.

First half of the week invites just that. lots of excitement will enter your life or work sphere. Socializing and meeting people will be on the cards. This is a perfect time to share and exchange ideas,grant or receive favours. love for arts and creativity will be strengthened.What you cherish will come to fruition with action and lots of gratitude.chances of meeting your soul mate are high.
Tip- Wear a clear quartz crystal.

Time for changes.

Second half of the week is a time which brings in a lot of changes.Accept and allow these changes as they are for the better. Plan your future and remember It is like you chose!Make the right decisions now.Travel plans will bring success. you can recognize peace and harmony only after having experienced pain and frustration.
Tip-develop you insight with deep breathing exercises. Direct your energy to the centre of your being.

Time will test your worthiness.

Time for boundless love.You will enjoy emotional fulfillment with a loved one.A romantic interlude must be taken seriously. If already in a relationship ,your current partner could be  the one for you in this life.Stay away from doubts and suspicions . You are guided to be true to self, Ask your higher self what is that you seek .
Tip- Wear/use an amethyst crystal for healing. Meditate on heart chakra.

Monday, 24 September 2012

                   Oracle reading 24th-30th Sept 2012.

   For the first half of the week the oracle conveys that your wishes and ambitions will drive you forward and generate strength in you. As we are already in ganpati( the elephant God) magic this week , he ushers in a lot of faith and confidence in your life. Many will begin there healing  journey from here,either healing themselves or helping others to.keep your aura positive to repel all negative thoughts and energies.
Take a walk on grass in the sun for few minutes and breathe in the very essence of nature.This will help in cleansing of chakras.

tip- Avoid wearing black for few days  as it will hinder cleansing of chakras.
 Second half of the week for all those romantics and believers of love . If already in a relationship then this could be the one. Your strength, purity and loyalty will be tested. You will need to use greater reserves of strength as doubts could surround you. Let yourself be  guided to be true to self. Believe and be confident ,it will bring you support and confidence. 

 tip-Ask your higher self what is that you truly looking for.

Over the weekend you will be propelled to look deeper in you. You will understand that happiness is truly being satisfied with oneself. You will be compelled to focus on this truth  thus guided to look and feel in the NOW.

tip-Meditate, Chant ‘AUM’ 108 times for balance and increase in awareness . Connect to the universal energy. Focus on simplest acts of giving which will create good karma.

Love and Light

Sunday, 9 September 2012

September 10th -16th Oracle reading- It's time for changes

First half of the week the cards follow just where we left off . They remind us to stay away from negative situations and people. Refrain from gossip and speaking ill about others,thus avoiding getting into spiral of negativity.If you are are going through some distress or a bleak phase of life, be assured you are taken care of and are being helped by that force in overcoming this difficult time. 
Concentrate on your positive affirmations and thoughts, if reminded of a bad thought correct it by visualizing a positive outcome.

Second half the cards clearly indicate the results and manifestations in your life or karmas depend on your actions.take full control of your current situations. If feeling low and rejected accept the feeling and move ahead to something you feel appreciated of, be with people you are supported from and receive the love. All will come your way just move. Some might receive some interesting news or invited to exciting events.  Accept and move out of slumber. But continue to keep yourself away from any negativity or toxic people 
Some might feel they need to do more probably some good.Go ahead and extend any little help you can give to the society and humanity.
One can light few black candles,take sea salt water baths or drink lime juice to cleanse negative energies and thoughts.

Over the weekend many will feel immense change that has been constantly taking place in their lives. many will feel the urge to devote their time and take keen interests in their hobbies and creative pursuits. Go ahead indulge. Life is more than working tirelessly 9-5. Indulge in writing, performing arts, creative arts any art you feel one with. You will meet like minded people and will bring some life into your life. 
Continue being grounded and listen to what your inner voice tells you to do.Stay clear of fickle-mindedness and situations which might bring sense of instability.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Angel Wisdom for September

The angels for this month of September again as last month are asking us to keep up our faith and keep choosing positive thoughts to describe our life as our words will determine our outcome.The challenges that might be thrown at us week after week could be as follows, but the power of angels is greater than any negativity.Keep up the faith.

Angel Reading for Sept 3rd-to Sept 9th 2012.

The first half of the week of September the angels show signs where you might come across situations you are fearful of, can bring out an unknown fear or just you might be face to face with something you were most dreading. Time has come to finally acknowledge that fear ,accept it the way it is and seek dear angels help to lift those fear based energies. Fear could also crop up because you might be surrounded by fearful people and thus absorbing those energies too.

Invoke Invoke Archangel Michael and Raphael to clear these energies from your surroundings ,that situation and anyone involved.

Mid week you might come across situations and people you have a karmic connect with and the process of balancing those karmas are on full swing. Something or someone unhealed will come up, could be a pattern of sorts that ceases to end or a feeling for someone that doesnt go because of some association you have in your mind related to past happenings . Angels ask you to remember them and accept the way it is thus helping you release any unhealed energies with that someone or situation and impart you just the wisdom and understanding  to deal with it.

 Invoke Archangel Raziel to help you through this process.

By the end of the week you might find yourself in situations where you would feel time has come to put forward your truth , not in a brash manner but you will feel inclined to finally present your feelings and thoughts regarding it lovingly .You might just want to admit to your true feelings afterall. The throat chakra is the energy center located in your neck that governs speech,creativity etc. If you have been suppressing your creativity or voicing your thoughts and concerns, this center gets blocked. Pay attention while you are at workplace if you have been feeling this way.Time has come to release all that you have suppressed lovingly and with creative insights and form. 

                                      Invoke Archangel Gabriel to help you go through this process with ease and love.

Love and Light,

Cards Deck-Doreen virtue Angel therapy oracle cards.