Monday, 25 February 2013

                      Angel message 25th Feb- 2nd Mar 2013

This week the angels assure that blocks or obstacles that keep crossing your path will soon be removed and a smooth road lies ahead. Higher visions and in depth realizations will hold top priority for a lot of you. Have faith in yourself .Feel energy and joy in the centre of your heart. The doors to change are opening. Your sincere prayers will be answered ,altering your life for the better.

Socialising and meeting new people will be beneficial this week.This is a perfect time to share and exchange ideas,make new  friends and be helpful. What you cherish will come to fruition with conscious action and a lot of gratitude.

Spread the message of goodness in life. Wearing or carrying a clear quartz crystal will keep the negativity away.

Monday, 18 February 2013

                      Angel message 18th-23rd Feb 2013

This week many would feel an instinctive sense of protectiveness towards your loved ones . You will feel very strong and powerful. The angels warn you to not let anger pervade you and rule your life. You will have to accept and realize that patience is virtue. Do positive affirmations for a better present and future. Seek inner guidance and serenity. Self realization will dawn upon you.

This week also pay attention , be alert and listen. New information will come your way bringing oppurtunities. In order to bring in new ,get rid of clutter from your surroundings and your mind. Wealth and luck should be invited into your life by lighting a candle or an oil diya in your house during sunset.