Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance for the week 20 Jan-26 Jan 2014

 Make good useof your resources and reap benefits accordingly. You can enjoy a period of accomplishment and will be adequately awarded for your efforts. An investment entered at this time will pay off. You can take charge of your career path and can reach a position of leadership. Others will respect your abilities and accomplishments. Enjoy this time of fulfillment. Be in full command of yourself and keep your sense of worth strong. Now, you can use your knowledge, money or skills to help others.

Romance: Romance is calling you.Use the guidance to follow the pathway of those feelings. Take action in your love life or approach the one that made your heart leap.If youhave been longing for romance , make that happen by first treating yourself well. Attract romance by affirming that its already inside of you. You will recieve fullfilment and security when its in you.

Angel message: Changes are happening not just inside you but outside of you as well. Among these are changes in friendships. Changes in friendships are natural, angels are asking you to surrender your relationships to them. They will lovingly help all of you during this transition phase. You are ready to also receive new friendships who mirror your interests and ambitions.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

                         Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                            The Water Sign- PISCES

Issues will revolve around the act of organizing and caring for your things, or getting involved in other types of detailed work. This will be a good time to focus on planning your career. If you looking for  a job, you will soon be busy. You may also find yourself caring for someone else property as well as your own. That is responsible for other people too. You may have to spend money to make money.Perhaps , you may need to acquire more skill or knowledge in  aparticular area. Set realistic goals. Avoid shortcuts. Get serious about improving your health-an organized diet,exercise, or other health maintenance activities to be followed.

Romance- Dedicate yourself to make your relationship work.If you want more love in your life , you have to be more loving.Spend time alone with your partner.take a vacation, a hike, a long drive. turn offphones, computers and spend qiet afternnoon together. A commitment  or deepening of relationship is on the cards- an upcoming engagement, wedding or renewal of vows is possible. These activities are more meaningful if you spend time together. If you are single, spend more time with yourself meditating on your thoughts and feelings. Take action based on your intuition, which will help you attract your ideal partner.

Angel message- trust and follow your intuition. You are divinely guided now. The gut feelins, the knowingness, the visions and messges are trying to tell you something. Its important that you follow the guidance.
                          Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                          The Air Sign- AQUARIUS

This year the focus will be on money and material things, as well as issues relating to work, s ecurity and well being. Oppurtunities toimprove these aspects of your life can appear in many forms. This year will be a good time to work for solid goals and material self betterment. Goals with very concrete objects stand the best chance for success. It might be easier to work for small rewards on a step by step basis, so you can have something tangible-something to reaasure you. Surround yourself with pictures or images of what you want to achieve, so you have a vision of success in front of you. Channelsof abundance is opening for you.. Resources you need are available to you, though to manifest these things fully , you need to have wrthwhile objective to focus on. Though, your own sense of identity could be affected by your financial status, so think about whether you are basing your self esteem on the appearance of wealth or on your own ability to work towards solid goals. 

Romance- If you are in a troubled relationship, be assred that it worth devoting your effort to. Although, there may be issues, these can be worked through and healed. If at all you do decide to end it, you know you gave it your all.You'll also understand the role you played in the dynamics and will avoid attracting similar painful situations in the future. Love is there!

Angel message- Angels are telling you that regular doses of fun can help you accomplish your goals.When you have fun, you enjoy, you relax. This relaxation gives steady flow of inspiration, ideas, concepts, divine guidance and energy.With this new inspiration and energy you can manifest dsires better. Positive outlook creates new oppurtunities . When you look at life this way, you can afford to have fun.

Friday, 10 January 2014

                        Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                     The Earth Sign- CAPRICORN

This year be warned that your problems are either directly or indirectly of your own making, possibly due to self limiting factor within you.  Ask yourself" What is my addiction"?, "What is my limiting belief"? and "What is my most self defeating behavior"? Also, be aware of the human tendency to rationalize addictions or other harmful behaviors. So, this could be an year when you start becoming aware and start to work toward breaking free of addictions.  Be careful about what you say or do. There may be people around you who have hidden resentments, but their underlying hostilities will come out eventually. Make sure that there are no hidden weaknesses in your plans, or important things that you have left undone, or other factors you have overlooked.

Romance- Create intimacy with your partner by revealing your true feelings, your wishes, dreams and desires.Learn new ways of relating.If you are in a relationship heal through honest dialogue.Especially if you have stuffing down feelings and not sharing them with your partner. Share your true self. Hold deep and honest discussions regardless for the benefit of your love life.

Angel message- Be assured that your true self is radiant, powerful , successful and intelligent. Begin to trust yourself and reveal your true nature more easily. Angels are guiding you to honor your true feelings to yourself and to others.The angels will help you to talk out your feelings lovingly such that no misunderstandings occur with your friends or loved ones. The angels will ensure that your life will emerge to a new level of inner peace as you let your true self out.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

                         Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                        The Fire Sign- SAGITTARIUS

You will visualize the future life you desire, but will be uncertain about how to achieve it. You may be confused with too many choices and scatter energies by trying too many things. You may also go through a process of change, and the dreams that mean so much to you may not seem as important later. Narrow down your options, by gaining clarity and focus on what would be manageable yet fulfilling. Find a balance between being a dreamer and a doer. Deal with artistic inventiveness. Explore the magic of active visualization. It is advisable to be cautious and put off decisions until you have more information. You may be forced  to suppress some of your ideals in order to adapt to other people's expectations. There can be moments of slippage, when masks fall off then you will see beyond the illusion. Think about how you and people around you can carry visions for each other. 

Romance- Express your love. Take initiative in your love life. This may mean getting in touch with someone you are attracted to . It could also mean taking a initiative to show your love by sending flowers, gifts to your beloved. As you express love , these feelings pour through you. The more you give love the more you experience it. 

Angel message- Angels are assuring you that you are guided , protected and supported constantly. Talk to them more frequently. Have mental conversation to them about everything, and you will soon see evidence that they exist. The angels will help you to help others. You are not alone and you are safe. 

                                              Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                                 The Water Sign- SCORPIO

Family matters high on cards this year. A past problem or responsibility  may be carried forward . You could find yourself in family traditions, ceremonies, celebrations or activities related to cultural heritage. For you family responsibility is integral to living a beautiful life because it enables to be a genuine, valued and active participant in the life of your household and the cycle of life in general. You will be called to take on different responsibility appropriate at different times in life. Someone will be looking after you and thinking about your security. You have the resources if you need help however you will need to fulfill a number of conditions so the help you need comes to you rather sooner than later. A new cycle in your work is foreseen.Think big. You will also enjoy social status and good reputation. The capacity for success will depend and be limited by your ability to handle certain major responsibilities, or your desire for a simpler life. Think about manageable goals.

Romance- If its a specific relationship you worried about, you have an unfinished business  in conjunction with a soul mate from a past life time. This involves forgiving someone, a joint project or learning personal lessons such as unconditional love or patience.Purpose of a relationship is healing and learning. Whether or not your soulmate becomes your life partner , you will experience spiritual and personal lessons and self growth as a result. Seek help of a therapist if unable to decipher lessons.

Angel message- Angels are asking you to expect miracles. They are all around you. Perhaps you feel you need one right now because you are unable to find any solution. Be open to allow god/universe to help you resolve challenges in most unexpected ways that surprise you. Surrender your fears and open the door to miracles enter your life. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

                                              Tarot /Angel Guidance 2014

                                     The Air Sign- LIBRA

Changing conditions will introduce you to new ideas and experiences. This can happen when either the outside forces or your own discontentment may force you to become actively involved in challenging conflict. Now, depending on how adaptable and outgoing you are ,this can be stressful, disruptive or stimulating. Attitude is important. There will a deep desire to to break away from ordinary routines both at home and workplace.You will be pulled  into competitive activities which will be a part of the process of change. It will help you improve your skills , communication and creative talents. B aware of conflict which can likely break because of people's ego clashes due to disagreements about how things should be done.There will be personality types who will stir up arguments because they enjoy that adrenalin rush or want to get involved. You will find yourself interacting with people who are different from you and give each person a chance t be heard.

Romance- Your love life is based in your feelings about your mother and father. You will benefit from releasing any old anger toward one or both of them. That's because your feelings about your parents influence the way in which you deal with relationships. Forgive. When you find inner peace with your parents, you will no longer need to attract unhealthy relationship patterns. All your relationships especially the one with yourself will benefit.

Angel Message- Let go and allow universe/god/angels to help you. When you hold on to a part of your life not working you are leaving no room to heal.Whether you are unhappy with love life, career, finances, home or health angels are asking you to let go. If you open your hands and be ready to free the situation either it will wash away or be replaced with something better. Try not to control the outcome just let go.

Monday, 6 January 2014

                                             Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                                  The Earth Sign- VIRGO

Boredom with your way of life  will enable you to pick up and move to a new situation entirely. You will be able to reach a state of equanimity, you will be able to see things  for what they are and deal with them skillfully without strain or stress. You will understand the nature of things to come and go, so you can enjoy without clinging to them. You will not take things personally because you will understand why people say things they say and do the things they do. You will know which relationships and activities to get involved in, and which to walk away from.You would know which people need sympathy and whom showing kindness and compassion is stupid. This year you will look back over your life to make sense of it all and find patterns and meanings. This will cause you to spend more time alone or seek more meaningful work or relationships.

Romance- Express your feelings through kindness and compassion and courtesy towards each other.Have honest conversations- its an expression of true love-even if it involves discussing uncomfortable topics. If you are seeking a partner be assured that true love is on its way. Keep faith that a wonderful relationship is destined to come to you. Don't compromise with an unsuitable partner. Treat yourself well.Cherish who you are.

Angel message-Heal the pain associated with your parents. If you feel fearful to receive love or feeling guilty about asking for your needs to be met, call upon angels to help you and heal.If your confidence is wavering ask the universe/angels to mend your emotional connection with your dad. If you having difficulty receiving love and kindness ask angels to heal emotions towards your mother.Abundance is on your way.Have faith that the creator will supply your needs.
                                   Tarot and Angel Guidance 2014

                                 The Fire Sign- LEO

An year you will experience awakening of newer emotions. You will get better appreciation of what it means to a be a feeling person,and you can find joy and pleasure in your life, work and the people around you. These new emotional experiences will boost your self esteem,and expressing your feelings will become important to your sense of identity. Be aware of mixed emotions and not understanding your response to particular situations in the process.Mood swings are likely. These all will be part of acting out behaviors that are delayed reactions to past events. For depressed people this year indicates change of emotional state, a lifting of fog which will enable you to see things in a different way, with a new frame of mind perhaps. Be assured good things will come out of all your experiences.Any bad things that do happen are important to your spiritual growth- even an emotional wound will leave you with a deeper wisdom/understanding. Open your heart to give and receive love.Don't put restraints on the expression of love. Your faith will bring you satisfaction  and you may experience a state of "grace" as if supported by the divine powers. Don't let circumstances block you experiencing that.

Romance-Its safe for you to explore love. Your sincerity and heightened sense of empathy will promote mutual trust and care. Response will be friendly and helpful. Be loving towards your yourself- affirm" I am loved. I am lovable".

Angel message- When you change from inside, you will change from outside too.Among these will be your friendships. Changes are but natural and  the angels want to help you give your worries about bonding to them. The angels will help you in your transitions. You are ready to receive new friendships with people who mirror your interests and ambitions. 

              Tarot/Angel Guidance 6 Jan - 12 Jan 2014

Stick with the plan or course of action even though things may seem difficult at present. Stand your ground, but don't get into a conflict over possessions at this time. Keep your enthusiasm high and continue to work towards achieving your goals. Set priorities and invest energy where it will do the most good. Don't let other people , disappointments or distractions shake you. Stay diligent, patient , growth will come. Avoid people who bring you down.

Romance-Follow the pathway of your feelings.If you have met someone who made your heart leap and wondered if you should pursue him or her. The answer is "yes". Take action and make your feelings known. If you have been recently longing for romance , the universe is asking you to take charge. Start with you first, romance yourself. Treat yourself good eg: go for a spa, pamper yourself, watch romantic movies etc.You can attract romance when you actively affirm that its inside of  you.  Affirm- "I am loved".

Angel message- Angels are asking you to add fun in your life more. Be playful. Regular doses of fun can help you accomplish your goals.  Invest in play too. When you have fun and laughter you relax more thus gives you flow of inspiration and ideas and connect with the spiritual self.  With the new inspiration you can manifest better. Your positive outlook then creates new opportunities for you.Look at your life this way.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

                         Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                          The Water Sign- CANCER

A major change is about to occur this year and its about time. You will experience experiences that forcibly eliminate distractions and pretensions from your life, enabling you to better understand your essential self . Transformations brought by profound or scary experiences will make you review the meaning of life.Ask yourself whether you have been grappling with a death in life situation? This realization will enable you to confront the things that scare you , and think about things to recover your vitality. You might choose to focus on creative activities, improved relationships, spirituality and maybe other things that give you a sense of connection to something greater than your own life. Let go of your attachments, especially if you are clinging to things that are unhealthy  or outworn, and make room in your life for new growth. For some transformation may be slow, there might be resistance to change or just a subconscious realization that some form of change is looming. This awareness can manifest in the form of mood swings, anxieties, worries and restlessness. There will be major shift in your work condition. If your current occupation is too limiting, consider moving on to some thing more challenging and rewarding.

Romance- The best way to have more romance in your life is through attraction, rather than strenuous effort. You are most attractive when  you are fully enjoying your present.  Any stress you experience as you strain to find more romance pushes against the stream of life. Stress comes in from a place of fear. So, go be yourself. Enjoy simple pleasures of life like taking a walk in the nature, pampering yourself. Affirm that you are loved and you are lovable. Visualize a wonderful romantic relationship with a great partner.Take excellent care of yourself and follow your instincts.

Angel message-People from your past lives will be making themselves known to you. This could include a soulmate or a family member, all with whom you have karmic ties. The angels are asking you and helping you to release , learn and heal those past experiences and emotions.You have well earned wisdom allow it to guide you in your present situations by following your instincts and gut feelings. When you hold on to a part of your life that's not working , it has no room to heal. However if you are willing to open your hands and allow the situation to be freed, either it will wash away or be replaced by a better situation. Let Go!
                            Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                              The Air Sign- GEMINI

Actions and events that make an abrupt break with the past and will require painful adjustments in your way of life. Time to accept change.Deal with your situations by reaching out to make mutually supportive connections with other people, rather than by taking a view that any means are justified for survival. Other people's inputs may interfere with your ability to act or think things clearly. Stop vacillating and be firm. You will have to learn to manage conflict . There will be issues with inclusions and exclusions involving groups of people. The focus will be team this year. You need to listen and learn more before you progress.. Recognize your limitations,seek clarity and avoid challenges from other people. Don't make enemies now.Follow your truth.

Romance- Get away to nurture romance.those already in a long term relationship reignite the spark by taking a holiday.Try to see other side of things and remain open to possibilities. Strive for understanding.

Angel message- Angels want to help you with issues regarding power and control. They are reassuring you that you are powerful. It is safe to use your power in loving ways. Remember power doesn't equate to aggression : it means being completely authentic with yourself and others. Remember no one can control you without your permission. You always have options and choices:help will come if you ask. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

                      Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                               Earth Sign- Taurus

Recognition of your increasing maturity and capability may bring increased responsibilities in all areas of your life especially work. You might have to take on multiple responsibilities ,having to manage all phases of a project, taking special family responsibilities,having to carry other people who aren't pulling their own weight, being imposed upon you in some way, or bearing some load in a metaphorical way. Your burden may seem very oppressive and require your full commitment, but be assured you have the strength-the right stuff to do your job . All the work is worth it ! Many endings and many beginnings. This is a time when you have to bear the consequences of your actions-whether good, bad or neutral. Simplify your life.  Be assured through hard work and dedication you will reach your goals, prosper and gain recognition for your accomplishments.  You are in the position of great strength.

Romance- Addictions are in your way when attempting to resolve issues. This could be craving for  a substance, unhealthful behavior or simply childhood patterns.Addictions numb the heart to pain, but they also diminish its capacity to love.This is negatively effecting your self esteem and your own happiness if you continue. Nail the patterns and addictions and be open to receive and give love.

Angel message- The angels want to boost your self confidence , raise your self esteem and relieve you of your worries. When you expect the best you inspire the best. Have faith in you and thus faith in the outcome. Hold a high and clear vision of success. Imagine yourself doing well in a situation. Allow yourself to feel safe and secure in your mind and body. Give away any concerns to god/angels/universe. The how will be taken care of. Have faith.All the instructions and actions steps will be communicated to you in your dream state or meditation. Pay attention and follow your instincts.

Tarot /Angel Guidance for 2104

The Fire Sign- Aries

Aries GodSituations will require a lot of control this year, which means you will have to resist temptations,deal with people problems and so on. Also, it may be upto you to step in and take charge of a situation when others cant make up their minds or don't want to bother. Focus on your purpose. When you get your energies harnessed, a good future is virtually assured, because those energies will build momentum that carries you forward. Its all movement this year, travelling, getting your career going and so on.Things in general will move in a fast pace this year and you will be required to get out into the world to deal with matters of personal business. Buckle up! Honour, Rewards, Celebration, Success and Travel are foretold. Be in your driver's seat, be aware that people can still be driving you when you automatically react by doing the opposite of what they want, rather than making your own reasoned and informed decisions. You have the power and internal resources to reassert control and get your life back on track.

Romance- If already in a relationship  be assured that your relationship is worth devoting time to. Although there maybe issues, these can be worked on and healed. You'll need to commit to ensure best chance of success

Angel guidance- You are encouraged to speak your truth to yourself and others.Admit to your feelings. Keep a diary or journal of your thoughts, ideas and revelations.Angels are working to unlock your self expression by sending healing and love to your throat chakra( self expression center) .
Keep your faith , as it will ensure steady support  emotionally, physically and mentally.