Sunday, 26 May 2013

Angel guidance 27th May-2nd June 2013

Without a reason , nothing happens!

This week the angels are guiding you to have faith and confidence in yourself. They are urging that no matter what happens, don’t give up.

Organise your priorities this week at home and work place. Take responsibility for  everything in your life. Live up to the promises you have made and do your best in every situation, it is then that the best will come to you.

Create a passion for reading, writing or painting. Make music an integral part of your life. Reach out to friends for help and support, stability and security. up hope. Trust your instincts before taking any decisions. Its time to pray and believe in higher energies.

Remember you have created the world around you and only you can change it.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dear Readers, I am back after a month of change and transition with weekly angel guidance. Thankyou for your patience , love and support you have given me. . If you enjoy  this blog please join me on my facebook page-

Angel Guidance 20th-26th May 2013

The Angels this week signal us that you are capable of achieving  triumph over obstacles and blocks. They reminds you that you have the power to heal and begin  to heal your own self, thereby also benefiting people around you. Your positive aura will help to repel negative thoughts or energies. Allow yourself to receive and glow in the beautiful and positive aura of the universe.

Meditate and create a vibrant flow of energy around yourself and others. Remember that meaning of happiness is to look within and learn to be satisfied with yourself. Look and feel in the “now”.

Take a walk in the sun for few minutes. Breathe in the fresh energies of nature. This will purify your soul and cleanse your chakras.

Charity and the simplest acts of giving will create good karma.