Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tarot and Angel guidance 23rd Dec -29th Dec 2013

This week expect bad news, rumors and other disturbing messages to cross your way. Identify and confront the source of your problem, and express your sorrows and make them known to others. Unfortunately suffering is all around us, and the troubles of other people-especially the people we love-can affect us deeply because we are all interconnected. Be sympathetic to others and give help when you can, but also prepare to deal with it yourself philosophically. A person near you is suffering, but you may not be fully aware of his/her problems. A change of perception is needed.

Angel message- Let go of viewing situation as troubled and see yourself and others through the eyes of  your guardian angels. Look past the surface and see the beauty and light that eternally shines within everyone. Holding an elevated view brings healing in miraculous ways in all your relationships. Conflict drops away revealing clean truth about everything and everyone.

Romance message-If you have been worrying or complaining lately, the angels are asking you to shift to more optimistic perspective. Even if you've had your romantic  hopes crushed, there is still reason to hold the faith that real love can be yours. Just believe it!

Monday, 9 December 2013

 Dear co-creators. Since i have been travelling all through last week i missed posting the reading for the week.My apologies. For this week's guidance  I am also including  special angel  message on romance.
Keep reading and co-creating. Have a blessed week ahead.

Tarot and Angel guidance 9th-15th Dec 2013

Growth will come through effort, diligence and patience.Disperse negative attitudes that weaken your resolve and avoid people who bring you down.Set priorities and invest energy where it will do the most good. Stick with a financial venture,plan or course of action ,even though things may seem difficult at present.Stand your ground , but dont get into conflict over money or possessions at this time.

Angel Message- The angels are asking you to have fun and honor your inner child. Take sometime to ask your inner child "How do you feel"? and "What would you like to do?". Do things that allows your playful side to emerge. Dance like there is no tomorrow. Take an afternoon nap. Swing or slide at a park. Let your inner child loose.

Romance message-If you are wondering if this person is your soulmate, the answer is "yes". We/You all have many soulmates-beings with whom you share a mystical soul connection and life path. Soulmates incarnate with a plan of coming together for mutual  spiritual and personal growth. If your question is "will I ever meet my soulmate?". This is a validation that it will occur.Many times this is a person whom you already know.