Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tarot Guidance 30 Sept- 6 Oct 2013

Adjustments need to be made this week .A change in your work environment or responsibilities are likely. You may need to change your attitude or way you perform, becoming more positive and open minded.
 Avoid confrontation. Better focus and concentration will better your work. Travel is likely. In matters of love, try not to be too harsh and critical of your partner.

Rather than setting up defences to protect your vulnerability, be more flexible and receptive.

Angel message- Eat foods that mirror your spiritual path. Choose fresh high vibrating foods that honour your body. Seek help from the angels to help you make changes to your diet. Invoke /Pray/Call upon Archnagel Raphael to help you and guide you to make best choices.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tarot Guidance  for the week – 16th Sept- 22 Sept 2013

Joy, love and creative impulses will bring great satisfaction. Expect a period of happiness. You will feel inspired and optimistic. You will receive emotional support from others.Good news about love , marriage, birthday celebrations and other collective celebrations will come pouring in.

Try avoid situations that bring turbulent emotions on the surface. Lack of connection with others can create low self confidence  and feelings of loneliness and insecurity. You may realise that perhaps a relationship is not making you happy , or you have pinned many a fond hope on someone who is not worthy. You will need true affection to help you regain emotional equilibrium.

Angel message:-put your intention on answering the question “How can I make this world a better place”?  Focus on service and automatically your needs will be met. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Angel guidance 9 Sept-15 Sept 2013

Look within for deeper insight!

This week angels are guiding you to allow yourself to receive and glow in the beautiful and positive aura of the universe. Meditate and create a vibrant floe of wonderful energies around yourself and others.

Learn to be satisfied with yourself. Happiness is within you, in the centre of your being. Be in the now. Create good karma. You can feel great about yourself by doing what you feel is right. This is based on your own moral compass and no one else’s.

The angels can help you change or heal any situation or relationship so that you can bring your life in alignment with your inner truth

Chant “OM” 108 to bring peace and good luck.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Angel guidance 2nd sept-8th Sept 2013

Changes are on the horizon. Do not be afraid because they are for the better!

This week the angels are guiding you to concentrate on all that you are good at or passionate about.
You will be guided to seek deeper knowledge and insight in occult sciences. Your interest in mysterious psychic world, astrology, divination, mantras will increase. Take guidance but follow your heart: your decisions and judgement will be accurate.

Aviod being over sensitive , judgemental or critical about others. Do not take decisions when your emotions are out of control. Finances must be evaluated and decisions to be taken with care. Personal relationships will require your time and attention.

Wear or carry tiger eye’s crystal to overcome fear and confusion.