Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Angels speak for the month of August



For the month of August the angels urge us to call upon them and ask their help in  using only positive words and thoughts.The card indicates that you've been using negative suggestions to describe yourself and your situation. The angels are asking to be more aware of what you think and speak. The trick is to calm and clear your mind and choose deliberately what you think above and beyond your fears.Our thoughts in these times are rapidly manifesting into form,therefore ASK angels to cancel the effects of all the past negative thinking by saying CANCEL,CLEAR,DELETE and reboot your thought patterns.

Prayer:-Archangel Michael please help me choose only pure and positive thoughts and intentions.Help me clear away all negativity . I hand over all my fears and worries  to you right now . I am free of the burden of negativity. Thankyou.

Fill your aura with either golden or white light and feel the burden lifted off you.

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