Sunday, 28 October 2012

Angel  Message for the week . 29 Oct- 4 Nov 2012.

This week we continue where we left off. For all who haven’t gotten in touch with their twin flame exercise I mentioned in the last reading ,do so. Write a letter addressing to dear twin flame and write all that you wish to. Your stresses, worries,feelings, thoughts ,anything. They are functioning as your spirit guides and all those looking for a soulmate ,write to twin flames guardian angels to help you in the area of romance. End it by asking them to prepare a visit with yours.
There is also a message for parents whose child is an indigo child. Most children born recently and few years back fall into this category, mostly.  Or probably you are an indigo Adult. An indigo is a strong willed and spirited individual who has very strong personal belief about changing the world. This card has come up if you or someone around is an indigo child or adult and they need your constant encouragement. Help them to maintain their self esteem and work in a purposeful direction so that their natural talents help us all.   Invoke archangel Metatron to help you with this.
Time to chuck the old and bring in new energies. I probably connect here that all lot of people are suddenly falling sick in this change of weather. Its a release therefore use this to release all stagnant old energy in you and bring in new. Use positive thoughts and speech , as time is such that manifestations are faster. Ask angels to cancel past negative thinking. Your past choice of words have blocked you but the moment you choose positive that barrier is removed. Keep your mind calm,stay away from stimulants that make your mind race. Time to                   Cancel,Clear,Delete.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

                              " Soulmate" A Myth?

So here the other day I was doing a reading with my beautiful Romance angel cards, and my friend asked- “Can you tell me if he is my soulmate?” I wondered, how we all are so desperately seeking for that so called soulmate (consciously or unconsciously)
Singles are seeking soulmate and married  want to know if the person they are with is their soulmate...I question everything these fairytales and these romantic movies convey  today .They don’t even  touch the tip of the iceberg of the whole existence of  LOVE.

So, what do we know about soulmate?

A romantic partner, with an implication to sharing a lifelong bond.That one person when you start out with you feel enormous and enveloping love.That feeling of passion a person brings like nervousness and butterflies in the stomach and if all around even better.
But on the contrary real-world soulmates are two partners who engage in overcoming challenges that test their relationship. This is not something you can forecast in advance when you fall in love and are going through the honeymoon phase. So, whether you feel like "soulmates" at the start or not will not guarantee whether you will be together after a decade.
Real world soulmates are tempered and tested with time. All relationships get tested and challenged time and again because all of us have personal growth to do and nothing better than learning from intimate relationships.
But you might ask what about the connections you feel with some people?
Before we incarnate, we make agreements with certain souls. We pick out certain souls we are going to have important relationships with-short ones or prolonged ones. Why we make
  those agreements? Because these are the souls we need to exchange energy from ( lets call it karmic energy) to teach each other little something through our interaction for certain period of time or for longer periods.
Energies you might be dealing with could be courage, selflessness ,clarity, strength, compassion, boldness , innocence etc. Most people are not conscious of what they are bringing to others, but energy exchange is nevertheless taking place and does not stop them from dealing in the energies that they do. Therefore , all the problems and issues arise here. 
You know you are with a soulmate if both of you are doing your soulwork together. Soulwork is that courageous self-opening, growing and choosing to respond to challenges that close down most people. A beautiful soulmate connection/relationship is when there is nice exchange of energy and acceptance of it. Often the energies you bring are quite different and complimentary like ying and yang energies. Eg:  You might be teaching compassion and the other one courage. Thats why they probably say opposites attract! But in true sense they are just another you, mirroring you. Only when you have worked together can you build trust and intimacy. Thus, Soulmates. Thus, Love!
In the next post I will talk about if we have soul-level agreements with people we have known in past lives, Empty attachments and Twin Flames.
Please leave a comment if you have anything to share on this subject and your experience of these soul Connections.
On a lighter note I heard Celebrated  guru Wayne Dyer once describe soulmates as " That person  who totally drives you crazy but you cant do without".

Monday, 22 October 2012

Angel Reading 22nd Oct through 28th Oct.

Twin Flame-A week of spiritually based romantic relationships. A twin flame is a romatic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group. Twin flames don’t incarnate together in a lifetime. One always acts a spirit guide. Often they incarnate together during their last lifetime on earth- after reincarnation cycle is complete and all karmas are balanced. So, here your twin flame is guiding you from the other side, helping you with every area of your life, including romance with your soulmate.  Write a letter to your twin flames guardian angels.  Write down and express all there is regarding your love life or anything looming your head.

Time to heal away your addictions . They could be habits or behaviours of any kind that are blocking you from your hearts desire and affecting your health, happiness and life purpose. The angels are asking you to be very honest here and accept that these addictions are robbing you of your energy and blocking all the answers to your prayers. Make a clear decision and be ready to let GO ,Angels are helping you on this journey. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you in this process. Call upon him and think about all you wish to release. It could be destructive patterns, cravings, habits that don’t serve you or toxic relationships or behaviours in it.

Time to balance work and play. Open your creative channels with singing and dancing. Feel the freedom and fully express yourself. They will boost your confidence and you might realise your hidden talents. Especially women who need to discover their inner goddess during this time of festivities where we are invoking and prayer to goddesses.  Pick a place you wont be disturbed, turn down the lights ,turn on your favourite music  and just sway to the music. Move and let your body just be to the music. Sing along and just feel the freedom. Be with people who make you laugh and bring joy to you.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I Thank all who are a  part with me here.
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Love and Light
Sharvee Chaturvedi.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Angel Reading 15Oct -21Oct 2012

Ah! The fairies.. You will feel most balanced and rejoiced around nature. Spend some time conversing or feeling of all mother earth has to offer us and be grateful. A good sign for material matters too. The fairies in the form of spirit guides with you, helping you meet your physical needs and help you with your life purpose.  Spend some time connecting with your pets this week. A good sign for attracting material support. They are glad to assist you in your endeavour, provided you return the favour in most gracious and kind form to Mother Nature. Do your little bit here and there.

The  cards also  speak of need for sacred female YING energy, which brings gifts of intuition ,nurturing and creative abilities. If you have been spending too much time in analytical, creatively void work, this card encourages you to bring your ying side to motion. Move your body in dance, write,sing anything to express your intuitive and nurturing side.Call upon your goddess to help you with it.

You might be going through your anxious moments, which is a sign of ego taking on the control through fear. Remember all are just another you. So, if your ego is having tussles with “I”,”What Ifs”. Remember your higher self focuses on only lovingly giving service to others. Focus on blessings instead of impressing others. Open your heart to everyone involved and make your higher self in charge. Focus on giving and the Universe automatically gives it back to you.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oracle Reading 8th Oct -14thOct 2012.

Refrain engaging in gossip or speaking ill about others.
The oracle warns you against treachery and misfortunes in the beginning of the week. If you are in the bleak phase of your life, be assured you are protected you will be helped in overcoming this difficult time which will come in very unfamiliar and unusual ways. Work through your life with compassion in your heart and stay away from gossip or speaking ill as it attracts bad karma. Positively affirm about your life.
Tip-Take salt water baths twice/thrice this week to cleanse your aura.

Learn to overcome anger. Replace it with Compassion.
Be assured you are surrounded by your exceptionally wonderful angels/spirit guides who are watching and protecting you all the time. When you walk on the path shown by your inner self/God/angels, fulfilment will follow you everywhere. Better performance at work is seen but you are warned against being self centered. Continue being compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the less privileged.
Tip- Wear an evil eye charm or black thread or rudraksh bead to ward off negative or yin energies.

Be watchful of what you expend your energy on.
Weekend invites you to Live in the moment,enjoy every second and spend time with family and loved ones. Incase there are misunderstandings to be sorted out in a relationship,   Persuasion and Kind words will help save a relationship. Ask for your partners advice in your ventures and heed their advice ,will help you and will give a better non judgemental  perspective of things. Invest this time to bring stability and security in your life and begin that with true Forgiveness and love.
Tip-Feel warmth and joy in your heart and thank the universe for having given your loved ones in your life.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

When do all these theories work?

 I see so many people today turning to new age books like The Secret, Laws of attraction and many more unaccountable. People drop lines like "When you are happy with yourself then you can keep others happy", "Let it go, this too shall pass", "You attract misery", “Happiness is a state of mind”. I am too one of them.
All these and many more such statements though very insightful and very true used by people are all on the surface, and somehow you know it. You believe in it, agree with it but still wondering I am doing so and yet I am going nowhere. 

I get so many people coming to me who are trying hard to follow this, ask for a past life regression. I ask why? And they don’t know so, (but deep down they know it). Even if they do go through a regression, see a prospective past life probably relevant then at that moment, still answers seem vague and theories still remain theories, and still they are on a quest of questioning it. Why you might ask?

Here goes why? I believe before you trying hard to bring changes, strengthen your weak areas (your perception of weak) and trying to overcome something for your better living of this life, YOU NEED TO ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR FLAWS, weaknesses, fears, limitations.

When I started my journey of learning clinical hypnotherapy, I was looking too deep down to fight mine, change them, alter them but, it turned out to be an unending fight because ,you refuse to go deep to the core. It’s been there always and you been watering it. 

As I went ahead I realized there is nothing to change but to learn and accept, Not Control. The moment you are out there to control (working from your solar plexus) the battle is already lost. Because you treated it like a battle, and you never win one ,there are always more losses than gains.

 Love that learning and acknowledge that learning because Life is just a learning nothing more.
My trainer gave such a beautiful gift of self learning when she said your troubles, issues, fears need just this--
I see you.
I acknowledge you.
I hear you.
I thank you.
It’s Ok.
I see a higher learning.

 And then you are prepared to see that learning and apply it when it comes to you through regressions, meditations or any other way without any questions because you know you have finally cracked it. Suddenly then Things change for the better.

There is so much more I can write and go on about this, yet while writing this, am learning and understanding so much. Maybe will expand on my own experiences and put it across. For those who read this, I would love to know if this helps you and what’s your take on it.
Till then... I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection. 

Love and Light