Monday, 22 October 2012

Angel Reading 22nd Oct through 28th Oct.

Twin Flame-A week of spiritually based romantic relationships. A twin flame is a romatic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group. Twin flames don’t incarnate together in a lifetime. One always acts a spirit guide. Often they incarnate together during their last lifetime on earth- after reincarnation cycle is complete and all karmas are balanced. So, here your twin flame is guiding you from the other side, helping you with every area of your life, including romance with your soulmate.  Write a letter to your twin flames guardian angels.  Write down and express all there is regarding your love life or anything looming your head.

Time to heal away your addictions . They could be habits or behaviours of any kind that are blocking you from your hearts desire and affecting your health, happiness and life purpose. The angels are asking you to be very honest here and accept that these addictions are robbing you of your energy and blocking all the answers to your prayers. Make a clear decision and be ready to let GO ,Angels are helping you on this journey. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you in this process. Call upon him and think about all you wish to release. It could be destructive patterns, cravings, habits that don’t serve you or toxic relationships or behaviours in it.

Time to balance work and play. Open your creative channels with singing and dancing. Feel the freedom and fully express yourself. They will boost your confidence and you might realise your hidden talents. Especially women who need to discover their inner goddess during this time of festivities where we are invoking and prayer to goddesses.  Pick a place you wont be disturbed, turn down the lights ,turn on your favourite music  and just sway to the music. Move and let your body just be to the music. Sing along and just feel the freedom. Be with people who make you laugh and bring joy to you.

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