Monday, 15 October 2012

Angel Reading 15Oct -21Oct 2012

Ah! The fairies.. You will feel most balanced and rejoiced around nature. Spend some time conversing or feeling of all mother earth has to offer us and be grateful. A good sign for material matters too. The fairies in the form of spirit guides with you, helping you meet your physical needs and help you with your life purpose.  Spend some time connecting with your pets this week. A good sign for attracting material support. They are glad to assist you in your endeavour, provided you return the favour in most gracious and kind form to Mother Nature. Do your little bit here and there.

The  cards also  speak of need for sacred female YING energy, which brings gifts of intuition ,nurturing and creative abilities. If you have been spending too much time in analytical, creatively void work, this card encourages you to bring your ying side to motion. Move your body in dance, write,sing anything to express your intuitive and nurturing side.Call upon your goddess to help you with it.

You might be going through your anxious moments, which is a sign of ego taking on the control through fear. Remember all are just another you. So, if your ego is having tussles with “I”,”What Ifs”. Remember your higher self focuses on only lovingly giving service to others. Focus on blessings instead of impressing others. Open your heart to everyone involved and make your higher self in charge. Focus on giving and the Universe automatically gives it back to you.

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