Sunday, 28 October 2012

Angel  Message for the week . 29 Oct- 4 Nov 2012.

This week we continue where we left off. For all who haven’t gotten in touch with their twin flame exercise I mentioned in the last reading ,do so. Write a letter addressing to dear twin flame and write all that you wish to. Your stresses, worries,feelings, thoughts ,anything. They are functioning as your spirit guides and all those looking for a soulmate ,write to twin flames guardian angels to help you in the area of romance. End it by asking them to prepare a visit with yours.
There is also a message for parents whose child is an indigo child. Most children born recently and few years back fall into this category, mostly.  Or probably you are an indigo Adult. An indigo is a strong willed and spirited individual who has very strong personal belief about changing the world. This card has come up if you or someone around is an indigo child or adult and they need your constant encouragement. Help them to maintain their self esteem and work in a purposeful direction so that their natural talents help us all.   Invoke archangel Metatron to help you with this.
Time to chuck the old and bring in new energies. I probably connect here that all lot of people are suddenly falling sick in this change of weather. Its a release therefore use this to release all stagnant old energy in you and bring in new. Use positive thoughts and speech , as time is such that manifestations are faster. Ask angels to cancel past negative thinking. Your past choice of words have blocked you but the moment you choose positive that barrier is removed. Keep your mind calm,stay away from stimulants that make your mind race. Time to                   Cancel,Clear,Delete.

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