Thursday, 25 October 2012

                              " Soulmate" A Myth?

So here the other day I was doing a reading with my beautiful Romance angel cards, and my friend asked- “Can you tell me if he is my soulmate?” I wondered, how we all are so desperately seeking for that so called soulmate (consciously or unconsciously)
Singles are seeking soulmate and married  want to know if the person they are with is their soulmate...I question everything these fairytales and these romantic movies convey  today .They don’t even  touch the tip of the iceberg of the whole existence of  LOVE.

So, what do we know about soulmate?

A romantic partner, with an implication to sharing a lifelong bond.That one person when you start out with you feel enormous and enveloping love.That feeling of passion a person brings like nervousness and butterflies in the stomach and if all around even better.
But on the contrary real-world soulmates are two partners who engage in overcoming challenges that test their relationship. This is not something you can forecast in advance when you fall in love and are going through the honeymoon phase. So, whether you feel like "soulmates" at the start or not will not guarantee whether you will be together after a decade.
Real world soulmates are tempered and tested with time. All relationships get tested and challenged time and again because all of us have personal growth to do and nothing better than learning from intimate relationships.
But you might ask what about the connections you feel with some people?
Before we incarnate, we make agreements with certain souls. We pick out certain souls we are going to have important relationships with-short ones or prolonged ones. Why we make
  those agreements? Because these are the souls we need to exchange energy from ( lets call it karmic energy) to teach each other little something through our interaction for certain period of time or for longer periods.
Energies you might be dealing with could be courage, selflessness ,clarity, strength, compassion, boldness , innocence etc. Most people are not conscious of what they are bringing to others, but energy exchange is nevertheless taking place and does not stop them from dealing in the energies that they do. Therefore , all the problems and issues arise here. 
You know you are with a soulmate if both of you are doing your soulwork together. Soulwork is that courageous self-opening, growing and choosing to respond to challenges that close down most people. A beautiful soulmate connection/relationship is when there is nice exchange of energy and acceptance of it. Often the energies you bring are quite different and complimentary like ying and yang energies. Eg:  You might be teaching compassion and the other one courage. Thats why they probably say opposites attract! But in true sense they are just another you, mirroring you. Only when you have worked together can you build trust and intimacy. Thus, Soulmates. Thus, Love!
In the next post I will talk about if we have soul-level agreements with people we have known in past lives, Empty attachments and Twin Flames.
Please leave a comment if you have anything to share on this subject and your experience of these soul Connections.
On a lighter note I heard Celebrated  guru Wayne Dyer once describe soulmates as " That person  who totally drives you crazy but you cant do without".

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