Monday, 25 August 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 25th - 31st Aug 2014.

Financial security  and monetary success can be yours, but you must take responsibility for how you use it and invest your resources. Control your flow of money. Good management and sound money management are necessary now. Good organization, courage , honesty and determination will help you achieve your goals. Put your energies toward developing something that will endure.Try not be rigid and unemotional preferring work to personal relationships.

Romance- Deep romantic love in which you feel treasured is on the cards.Commit to taking care of yourself. You establish boundaries about what you will and wont accept in your relationships and also in other other areas of your life. Next, you honor your self commitment by taking decisive action and telling others how you feel about their behavior. As you commit to yourself , the universe sends you additional experiences of loving commitment.

Angel Message-The answers to questions on your mind involves emotions connected to your mother and father. eg: If you having difficulty receiving love and kindness from others , the underlying issue could stem from unhealed emotions you have towards your mother. Receptivity is feminine energy, represented by our mothers.If you feel afraid or guilty about asking for your needs to be met, then call upon the angels to help and heal. If you having difficulty in developing your confidence in your abilities to go out in the world and make a positive difference, look into unhealed emotions with your father. Ask your angels help mend . Remember , your parents love you, even if the way they showed wasn't fulfilling for you. If feel the need get in help from a therapist or counselor to guide you safely through this journey.

Monday, 18 August 2014

                   Tarot/Angel Guidance for the week -
                           18th-24th August 2014.

You maybe be very preoccupied with money and need to shift perspective. You may have more responsibility or work than you can comfortably handle. You feel burdened, but cant set down your load yet, perhaps because others depend on you. Try to delegate to relieve stress. The challenges nevertheless are pushing you to learn and grow stronger. Give yourself a break to relieve yourself of mental and emotional exhaustion.

Romance- A relationship might demand a lot of  you. You may be protecting your heart from hurt because of painful relationship experiences. If you have a shield around your heart, how can love get in? Follow your inner guidance, it will protect you simultaneously allow you to feel loved and loving. Trust your intuitive senses with respect to other people's trustworthiness, and open your heart to those who are kind and gentle.

Angel Message- You have earned wisdom from past life and past experiences, allow it now to guide you in your present situation by trusting your gut feelings and hunches.Those intuitive impulses result from the knowledge you have gained in an earlier experience- trust it! People from the past are making known to you again in this present life/moment. They include a soul mate and family members with whom you share  karmic ties, now is the opportunity to balance that karma if you choose to.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 11th Aug- 17th Aug 2014

Be daring this week. Expect changes to occur at rapid speed.Fear of risk and change can be limiting so take charge. Time to challenge yourself and take a few risks. A business trip can be presented. You need to be more creative, assertive and unconventional. Someone may act as an agent of change in your life. If you feel , you have gotten in a rut, shake things a bit.

Romance- Your love life needs a healthy infusion of honest communication. You are harboring feelings that are masking your feelings of love. There's still time to heal the situation, however effort will be required. There may be lack of commitment and constancy in the relationship. You or your partner may desire freedom or shun responsibility. Seek guidance from a counselor or facilitate a discussion. Its important to steer away from blame and find resolution. Heart to heart discussions will promote self growth. Know what you will and wont accept in a relationship. By sharing your feelings, you stand a much better chance of teaching your partner about your needs, instead of suffering silently.

Angel Message- Trust what you see in your mind's eye during dream time as well as signs you see physically- such as feathers, recurring numbers, coins, flashes of light and so forth. This blessing can assist you with healing . Trust what you see!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance  AUGUST  2014.

Here we are middle of 2014 already and i look back and see so many lessons learnt, embraced and some hard to digest.:) I feel really grateful for them nevertheless because they have made me become the person i am today . Each day is a new day as they say, this month offers just that. So, lets see what lessons AUGUST has in store for us-

A first stage situation in all matters this month. A start of a new job, career path, business venture, creative insight, spiritual path or simply a new way of viewing life. Go into the situation with open mind and positive attitude, embracing opportunities as they present themselves. You have much to learn -pay attention. If you are considering an investment, examine matters carefully, pay attention to details, and make sure you have all information you need. You are beginning a new journey and it may take some time to reach your destination. let yourself be guided by your inner knowing. Experience is a great teacher and there could be some surprises along the way. trust that things will work out for the best and highest good.
Don't Worry, Be Happy!:)

Romance- Unforeseen circumstances may have brought you a relationship and its problems that seems fated. Approach it with innocence, trust and an open heart. If you have a shield around your heart, how is love to get in? A closed heart repels a sensitive partner you are trying to attract. Open your heartto those who are kind and gentle. trust your intuitiveness and trust.

Angel Message- You are surrounded by benevolent beings  who are supporting, loving and guiding you constantly.Talk to angels, guides frequently. have mental conversations with them about everything and you will soon see evidence of their existence. If you ever feel doubtful about your ability to help yourself and others, ask angels to release those fears.