Sunday, 12 January 2014

                         Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                            The Water Sign- PISCES

Issues will revolve around the act of organizing and caring for your things, or getting involved in other types of detailed work. This will be a good time to focus on planning your career. If you looking for  a job, you will soon be busy. You may also find yourself caring for someone else property as well as your own. That is responsible for other people too. You may have to spend money to make money.Perhaps , you may need to acquire more skill or knowledge in  aparticular area. Set realistic goals. Avoid shortcuts. Get serious about improving your health-an organized diet,exercise, or other health maintenance activities to be followed.

Romance- Dedicate yourself to make your relationship work.If you want more love in your life , you have to be more loving.Spend time alone with your partner.take a vacation, a hike, a long drive. turn offphones, computers and spend qiet afternnoon together. A commitment  or deepening of relationship is on the cards- an upcoming engagement, wedding or renewal of vows is possible. These activities are more meaningful if you spend time together. If you are single, spend more time with yourself meditating on your thoughts and feelings. Take action based on your intuition, which will help you attract your ideal partner.

Angel message- trust and follow your intuition. You are divinely guided now. The gut feelins, the knowingness, the visions and messges are trying to tell you something. Its important that you follow the guidance.

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