Sunday, 12 January 2014

                          Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                          The Air Sign- AQUARIUS

This year the focus will be on money and material things, as well as issues relating to work, s ecurity and well being. Oppurtunities toimprove these aspects of your life can appear in many forms. This year will be a good time to work for solid goals and material self betterment. Goals with very concrete objects stand the best chance for success. It might be easier to work for small rewards on a step by step basis, so you can have something tangible-something to reaasure you. Surround yourself with pictures or images of what you want to achieve, so you have a vision of success in front of you. Channelsof abundance is opening for you.. Resources you need are available to you, though to manifest these things fully , you need to have wrthwhile objective to focus on. Though, your own sense of identity could be affected by your financial status, so think about whether you are basing your self esteem on the appearance of wealth or on your own ability to work towards solid goals. 

Romance- If you are in a troubled relationship, be assred that it worth devoting your effort to. Although, there may be issues, these can be worked through and healed. If at all you do decide to end it, you know you gave it your all.You'll also understand the role you played in the dynamics and will avoid attracting similar painful situations in the future. Love is there!

Angel message- Angels are telling you that regular doses of fun can help you accomplish your goals.When you have fun, you enjoy, you relax. This relaxation gives steady flow of inspiration, ideas, concepts, divine guidance and energy.With this new inspiration and energy you can manifest dsires better. Positive outlook creates new oppurtunities . When you look at life this way, you can afford to have fun.

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