Monday, 6 January 2014

                                   Tarot and Angel Guidance 2014

                                 The Fire Sign- LEO

An year you will experience awakening of newer emotions. You will get better appreciation of what it means to a be a feeling person,and you can find joy and pleasure in your life, work and the people around you. These new emotional experiences will boost your self esteem,and expressing your feelings will become important to your sense of identity. Be aware of mixed emotions and not understanding your response to particular situations in the process.Mood swings are likely. These all will be part of acting out behaviors that are delayed reactions to past events. For depressed people this year indicates change of emotional state, a lifting of fog which will enable you to see things in a different way, with a new frame of mind perhaps. Be assured good things will come out of all your experiences.Any bad things that do happen are important to your spiritual growth- even an emotional wound will leave you with a deeper wisdom/understanding. Open your heart to give and receive love.Don't put restraints on the expression of love. Your faith will bring you satisfaction  and you may experience a state of "grace" as if supported by the divine powers. Don't let circumstances block you experiencing that.

Romance-Its safe for you to explore love. Your sincerity and heightened sense of empathy will promote mutual trust and care. Response will be friendly and helpful. Be loving towards your yourself- affirm" I am loved. I am lovable".

Angel message- When you change from inside, you will change from outside too.Among these will be your friendships. Changes are but natural and  the angels want to help you give your worries about bonding to them. The angels will help you in your transitions. You are ready to receive new friendships with people who mirror your interests and ambitions. 

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