Thursday, 9 January 2014

                         Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                        The Fire Sign- SAGITTARIUS

You will visualize the future life you desire, but will be uncertain about how to achieve it. You may be confused with too many choices and scatter energies by trying too many things. You may also go through a process of change, and the dreams that mean so much to you may not seem as important later. Narrow down your options, by gaining clarity and focus on what would be manageable yet fulfilling. Find a balance between being a dreamer and a doer. Deal with artistic inventiveness. Explore the magic of active visualization. It is advisable to be cautious and put off decisions until you have more information. You may be forced  to suppress some of your ideals in order to adapt to other people's expectations. There can be moments of slippage, when masks fall off then you will see beyond the illusion. Think about how you and people around you can carry visions for each other. 

Romance- Express your love. Take initiative in your love life. This may mean getting in touch with someone you are attracted to . It could also mean taking a initiative to show your love by sending flowers, gifts to your beloved. As you express love , these feelings pour through you. The more you give love the more you experience it. 

Angel message- Angels are assuring you that you are guided , protected and supported constantly. Talk to them more frequently. Have mental conversation to them about everything, and you will soon see evidence that they exist. The angels will help you to help others. You are not alone and you are safe. 

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