Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Tarot /Angel Guidance for 2104

The Fire Sign- Aries

Aries GodSituations will require a lot of control this year, which means you will have to resist temptations,deal with people problems and so on. Also, it may be upto you to step in and take charge of a situation when others cant make up their minds or don't want to bother. Focus on your purpose. When you get your energies harnessed, a good future is virtually assured, because those energies will build momentum that carries you forward. Its all movement this year, travelling, getting your career going and so on.Things in general will move in a fast pace this year and you will be required to get out into the world to deal with matters of personal business. Buckle up! Honour, Rewards, Celebration, Success and Travel are foretold. Be in your driver's seat, be aware that people can still be driving you when you automatically react by doing the opposite of what they want, rather than making your own reasoned and informed decisions. You have the power and internal resources to reassert control and get your life back on track.

Romance- If already in a relationship  be assured that your relationship is worth devoting time to. Although there maybe issues, these can be worked on and healed. You'll need to commit to ensure best chance of success

Angel guidance- You are encouraged to speak your truth to yourself and others.Admit to your feelings. Keep a diary or journal of your thoughts, ideas and revelations.Angels are working to unlock your self expression by sending healing and love to your throat chakra( self expression center) .
Keep your faith , as it will ensure steady support  emotionally, physically and mentally.

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