Thursday, 9 January 2014

                                              Tarot/Angel Guidance 2014

                                 The Water Sign- SCORPIO

Family matters high on cards this year. A past problem or responsibility  may be carried forward . You could find yourself in family traditions, ceremonies, celebrations or activities related to cultural heritage. For you family responsibility is integral to living a beautiful life because it enables to be a genuine, valued and active participant in the life of your household and the cycle of life in general. You will be called to take on different responsibility appropriate at different times in life. Someone will be looking after you and thinking about your security. You have the resources if you need help however you will need to fulfill a number of conditions so the help you need comes to you rather sooner than later. A new cycle in your work is foreseen.Think big. You will also enjoy social status and good reputation. The capacity for success will depend and be limited by your ability to handle certain major responsibilities, or your desire for a simpler life. Think about manageable goals.

Romance- If its a specific relationship you worried about, you have an unfinished business  in conjunction with a soul mate from a past life time. This involves forgiving someone, a joint project or learning personal lessons such as unconditional love or patience.Purpose of a relationship is healing and learning. Whether or not your soulmate becomes your life partner , you will experience spiritual and personal lessons and self growth as a result. Seek help of a therapist if unable to decipher lessons.

Angel message- Angels are asking you to expect miracles. They are all around you. Perhaps you feel you need one right now because you are unable to find any solution. Be open to allow god/universe to help you resolve challenges in most unexpected ways that surprise you. Surrender your fears and open the door to miracles enter your life. 

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