Sunday, 30 September 2012

Oracle reading 1Oct-7Oct 2012.

Spread the message of goodness in life.Time to pardon people who do wrong for they know not what they do.

First half of the week invites just that. lots of excitement will enter your life or work sphere. Socializing and meeting people will be on the cards. This is a perfect time to share and exchange ideas,grant or receive favours. love for arts and creativity will be strengthened.What you cherish will come to fruition with action and lots of gratitude.chances of meeting your soul mate are high.
Tip- Wear a clear quartz crystal.

Time for changes.

Second half of the week is a time which brings in a lot of changes.Accept and allow these changes as they are for the better. Plan your future and remember It is like you chose!Make the right decisions now.Travel plans will bring success. you can recognize peace and harmony only after having experienced pain and frustration.
Tip-develop you insight with deep breathing exercises. Direct your energy to the centre of your being.

Time will test your worthiness.

Time for boundless love.You will enjoy emotional fulfillment with a loved one.A romantic interlude must be taken seriously. If already in a relationship ,your current partner could be  the one for you in this life.Stay away from doubts and suspicions . You are guided to be true to self, Ask your higher self what is that you seek .
Tip- Wear/use an amethyst crystal for healing. Meditate on heart chakra.

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