Monday, 24 September 2012

                   Oracle reading 24th-30th Sept 2012.

   For the first half of the week the oracle conveys that your wishes and ambitions will drive you forward and generate strength in you. As we are already in ganpati( the elephant God) magic this week , he ushers in a lot of faith and confidence in your life. Many will begin there healing  journey from here,either healing themselves or helping others to.keep your aura positive to repel all negative thoughts and energies.
Take a walk on grass in the sun for few minutes and breathe in the very essence of nature.This will help in cleansing of chakras.

tip- Avoid wearing black for few days  as it will hinder cleansing of chakras.
 Second half of the week for all those romantics and believers of love . If already in a relationship then this could be the one. Your strength, purity and loyalty will be tested. You will need to use greater reserves of strength as doubts could surround you. Let yourself be  guided to be true to self. Believe and be confident ,it will bring you support and confidence. 

 tip-Ask your higher self what is that you truly looking for.

Over the weekend you will be propelled to look deeper in you. You will understand that happiness is truly being satisfied with oneself. You will be compelled to focus on this truth  thus guided to look and feel in the NOW.

tip-Meditate, Chant ‘AUM’ 108 times for balance and increase in awareness . Connect to the universal energy. Focus on simplest acts of giving which will create good karma.

Love and Light

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