Monday, 28 January 2013

         Angel Message 28th Jan - 3rd Feb 2013

The Angels hint tremendous activity and liveliness enter your life this week. The blocks or obstacles that keep crossing your path will soon be removed with the help of angels. Hold higher visions and make in depth realisations your top priority. Have faith in yourself. Feel energy and joy in the centre of your heart and wish for what your heart truly desires, you will see it fulfilled. The Angels hint that the doors of change will certainly open. Support from friends or a partner will be readily available, make the most of the support you get.

This week many emotional blocks will release and this can leave you shaken and confused temporarily. The angels are asking to make music, reading , writing an integral part of your life. Reach out to friends for help and support,stability and security.But be aware of having over expectations.

Make powerful affirmations to speed up the successful completion of projects and destined journeys. Create harmony and peace by balancing the energies around you.

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