Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Guidance for the year 2013

Earth Signs

 TAURUS-       Dear Taureans, Be prepared for love to come into your life. Those looking for a new relationship, new lover you are in for a surprise. Time has come to make an important choice that will affect your life in a big way. New friendships are foretold. Business partnerships will succeed. Your heart instead of your head will rule this year. Singles be prepared for intense romantic relationship. Taureans take care of health this year. If feeling guilty or going through self punishment it’s time to let go. Anxiety and feelings of powerlessness may creep in but be assured you have the strength and determination to overcome that. Expect dramatic changes, you can overcome anything with sheer power of will. To end a way of life and start a new one you might have to make some sacrifices but will be fruitful in the end.

Angel advice- Spend time and energy on studying and reading spiritual based books. Your answers will come through the books. So pay attention to titles that are recommended to you or books that are gifted to you as they contain guidance for you.

VIRGO-          Dear Virgos, this year signals an end and a new beginning for you. If a venture has been delayed for a long time, be assured of its completion. This is not the time to regret but rejoice. Soon the rewards of your efforts will follow. You will feel that you have rightly done your duty and ready for the next phase in life. New opportunities will come your way in bigger and better forms. These fresh chances will change your life in dramatic ways. If there have been legal issues be assured they will be ruled out in your favour. Be wary of taking feelings of others for granted or you may be victim of such treatment. Affairs of the heart may require greater attention this year, may feel disappointed in love or feel excluded. Keeping a bigger perspective of things and situations will give you answers and patience. If you are looking for economic help, you might have been looking at all the wrong places, step back and look again. Help and opportunities do exist if only you can find them.

Angel advice- Reading self help or spiritually based books will help you a long way. They will provide you with answers if you invest your time in them. Use only positive words and thoughts. Be more aware of what you think, say and write about yourself. Stay away from stimulants like nicotine, caffeine, sugar or other stimulants. They cause your mind to race therefore it creates worry.  Ask and take the angels help in cancelling the effects of past negative thinking.

CAPRICORN-           Dear Capri’s, this year be wary of being careless, if you do its going to cost you lots. Don’t be timid or to the point of being a coward. You might feel at times slow, static, petty minded or simply bored; at such times simply don’t give into the negativity. This year sudden temporary reversals of fortune are expected. There will be very little room for pause and reflection this year. Arrogance and taking feelings of others for granted may not serve you in the long run so stay grounded.  On brighter note lots of social activities indicated such as wedding, housewarming, celebrations. Those planning to conceive, good news is expected. On the other hand those looking for love may see a lot of action in that area of life. If there has been any ill feeling in your life, the hurt will soon be healed.

Angel advice- Call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to lift fear based energies from you or from your surroundings whenever you feel tired or fearful. Take time to cleanse .Just say-“Archangel Michael and Raphael, I call upon you now. Please vacuum away all toxic, fear based entity or energy from all my chakras”.
You may feel shudders or any other physical reactions. They are normal and a positive sign that the process is working. When your  body feels calm and quiet say" Thankyou Angels for this healing .Please now fill my body with diamond bright light to heal and protect”

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