Sunday, 13 January 2013

            Angel Message 14th Jan - 20th Jan 2013

This week work with Archangel Michael to help you release what no longer serves your purpose. Maybe you have an idea what it is and you are scared or intimidated about moving forward. Or maybe you feel blocked with respect to understanding your life mission or purpose. Your higher self is completely aware of your life mission and is ready to move forward. Archangel Michael is ready to assist you release anything that is standing in your way.

Take a sheet of paper. Breathe deeply, relax yourself. On the top of the page write-“Archangel Michael, what is that i need to release? Jot down everything that comes to your mind such as sounds, Memories flashes, thoughts, feelings, visions or just words. Make a note of everything you receive, even if you don’t understand what you writing and its meaning. Then take the paper then ceremoniously burn it, or immerse it in water or bury it declaring “I now fully release all that is not for my highest good”.

The angels have been trying to get your attention. You are hearing the messages from angels in various ways: repetitive songs, an overheard conversation, a strangers out of the blue reassurances or just words  you hear in your mind. The angels messages are always positive, trustworthy, loving and constructive.These messages are real answer to your prayers.

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