Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Guidance for the year 2013

The Fire Signs

ARIES-      Dear Aries this year be prepared to taste success involving creative arts. You will evolve into a person with considerable inner strength. If in the past you have gone through emotionally testing times be assured you will come out stronger and better person. This year you will have to exercise all your charm to resolve a difficult situation. Your approach will be analytical, practical and a hard worker. You will be ready to take up responsibilities. You will see great economic development in your life this year. Exercise caution and be patient. All this while you might have been looking at things the wrong way, time to realise this and bring a change to your perspective. You are moving from one phase of life to the other, to a rather fulfilling one. Let go of what no longer serves your purpose so that something greater can be gained.

Angel advice- one or more ascended masters are helping you. They are powerful teachers and healers who once walked on earth such as Jesus, Sai baba, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Ganesh etc.  The first ascended mater/s who enter your thoughts right now are the beings helping you. They love and honour you. Call upon them to help you hone your talents and spiritual gifts to be used for the right service.

LEO-             D ear Leo This year be very cautious and stray away from rocking the boat. You may be ignited to rebel against some form of tyranny, showing a side of you which might come as a shock to others. Stay away from disruptive patterns and impulsiveness. You may be falsely accused of something and forced to feel isolation but don’t lose your calm and patience. It’s all learning for you to develop a psychological balance and gaining wisdom. You will stick to your ideals enabling you to act with integrity. This year expect lots of messages from all directions that will require your attention. Carefully consider your next move even if it requires instant action. Lots of people from the past will enter your life again creating reunions of sorts.

Angel advice- Visualize success and have faith in a positive action. Hold positive visions for yourself and others. When you expect the best you inspire the best in yourself and others. Everything depends on your faith. The angels are asking you to take their help. Ask and it’s done.

SAGITTARIUS-             Dear Saggi’s this year there will be challenges to be met, sometimes it’s ok to accept defeat for ones higher good. This year you will be guided to find a new path and don’t let personal pride, ambition or plain stubbornness to dissuade you. It’s better to start over than to cling to what no longer serves you.  You will come across events that will serve to give you moral guidance. Other people’s opinions could play too much role in your decision making. Perhaps tradition is holding you back or preventing you to be the person you truly are. This year break the conventional thinking ,make your own decisions, reject bad advice and strike out on your own.Dont let old bitterness for imagined wrongs turn into spite. Be cool as you possibly can.

Angel advice- Protect yourself from harsh or fear based energies by envisioning yourself in a cocoon of white healing divine light surrounding you. If you feel negative energy its vital you shield yourself. Ask Archangel Michael to guard you from lower energies.

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