Thursday, 3 January 2013

Guidance for the year 2013

 Water Signs

CANCER-         Dear Cancereans, This year marks new beginnings for you. A new road to travel this year. You might not know where it will lead you, but the prospect of the journey is exciting and fun is endless. You will learn along the way and your innocence will turn into experience, yet the adventure will be worth the trial and mishaps. Go forward with confidence, because now is the time to discover what the universe has to offer you. You are likely to meet exciting, interesting and eccentric individuals who will open a whole new world of understanding.  But do exercise caution. Remember, life stresses can be avoided. Avoid taking intense pressure or it can cause subsequent depression. Be kind to yourself. Taking breaks in between will be vital to put your troubled thoughts in order. Do not dwell in the past as it can cause bitterness. Avoid being a harsh critic of other’s actions and particularly of their morals. Be flexible.

Angel advice- Work with crystal energy as you will be guided to: by yourself or with the help of a crystal practitioner.  Crystals are powerful beings who emit, transmute and magnify energies. Eg: clear quartz can increase your psychic clarity, pink rose quartz opens your heart to love, amethyst raises your spiritual vibrations, moonstone helps with emotional highs and lows, black obsidian acts as a protector etc. Go to a new age store that keeps crystals, center yourself with prayer. Walk around and notice which ones attract you. Run your hand above each crystal and observe if its energy affects you. Whichever captivates your attention is the crystal that wishes to work with you and give healing energy to you.

SCORPIO-        Dear Scorpions, this year avoid being foolish. Avoid feeling of revenge or any action regarding that. Exercise use of imagination. Revenge will cause  more enemies and rivals, so take care!  Finances could be tight this year however; you will cope with it quite well. Smart money management is what you need. Many will acquire new skills which will be useful to you in the future. Cash flow problem will be only temporary, and ushers in a new, prosperous phase of life. Be wary of getting irritated and taking your negative feelings out on others.  Be very wary of who you place your trust on and don’t take anything at face value. There can be possibilities of theft so keep a check.

Angel advice- Express your intuitive, artistic and nurturing side. Perhaps you have been spending too much time in creatively void work. You are also guided to call upon female deities for help. You can call upon Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess who helps with abundance, Athena , the Grecian goddess for wisdom, Brigit, the Celtic goddess for healing and courage or any of the many sacred feminine deities.

PISCES-    Dear Pisceans, this year material comfort and great happiness is in store. You will feel emotionally supported thus resulting in feeling secure. This year is about reassurance and love. Singles looking to get settled in matrimony will do so. Things will work out alright for you. Some may move into a new home. Creative work will see success. Women planning to conceive, pregnancy is certainly on the cards.  Though, stay out of getting into trouble. Avoid being secretive or lie to suit your purposes. There will be some battles to be fought or may have to face a conflict so be prepared. Try not being selfish, greedy or miserly. Welcome changes this year. Avoid getting too anxious about financial matters or too protective of others.

Angel advice- The angels want to boost your confidence and relieve you of your worries. Hold positive intentions for yourself and for others. Have faith and a firm vision of a successful outcome. The angels can help you hold a clear and a high vision of success. Just ask them for help and it’s done.

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