Tuesday, 2 October 2012

When do all these theories work?

 I see so many people today turning to new age books like The Secret, Laws of attraction and many more unaccountable. People drop lines like "When you are happy with yourself then you can keep others happy", "Let it go, this too shall pass", "You attract misery", “Happiness is a state of mind”. I am too one of them.
All these and many more such statements though very insightful and very true used by people are all on the surface, and somehow you know it. You believe in it, agree with it but still wondering I am doing so and yet I am going nowhere. 

I get so many people coming to me who are trying hard to follow this, ask for a past life regression. I ask why? And they don’t know so, (but deep down they know it). Even if they do go through a regression, see a prospective past life probably relevant then at that moment, still answers seem vague and theories still remain theories, and still they are on a quest of questioning it. Why you might ask?

Here goes why? I believe before you trying hard to bring changes, strengthen your weak areas (your perception of weak) and trying to overcome something for your better living of this life, YOU NEED TO ACCEPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR FLAWS, weaknesses, fears, limitations.

When I started my journey of learning clinical hypnotherapy, I was looking too deep down to fight mine, change them, alter them but, it turned out to be an unending fight because ,you refuse to go deep to the core. It’s been there always and you been watering it. 

As I went ahead I realized there is nothing to change but to learn and accept, Not Control. The moment you are out there to control (working from your solar plexus) the battle is already lost. Because you treated it like a battle, and you never win one ,there are always more losses than gains.

 Love that learning and acknowledge that learning because Life is just a learning nothing more.
My trainer gave such a beautiful gift of self learning when she said your troubles, issues, fears need just this--
I see you.
I acknowledge you.
I hear you.
I thank you.
It’s Ok.
I see a higher learning.

 And then you are prepared to see that learning and apply it when it comes to you through regressions, meditations or any other way without any questions because you know you have finally cracked it. Suddenly then Things change for the better.

There is so much more I can write and go on about this, yet while writing this, am learning and understanding so much. Maybe will expand on my own experiences and put it across. For those who read this, I would love to know if this helps you and what’s your take on it.
Till then... I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection. 

Love and Light


  1. I agree, Sharvee...but would like to add that from my various interactions with people, for most the challenge is to 'recognize' the learning - here I would like to go one step further & say, recognize the right learning at the right time...that done, the rest should fall into place like clockwork :-)

  2. I agree. And thats what for we healers/therapists are for isnt it? To make your journey effortless:)