Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 3rd  - 9th Feb 2013

Ambition and status you crave remains to be unfulfilled and may seem beyond your reach for a while. Perhaps you are not as strong and forceful as you would like others to think. Indecision and confusion maybe causing difficulties in a financial matter. Perhaps you are out of your league, accept limitations or setbacks with dignity. Before you can progress you need to listen and learn more. Avoid challenges from other people.  You need to develop clarity so that you can follow your own truth.  Some deals and investments or plans may be mirages, so examine carefully. Use your imagination to find inspired ways to generate income. Be realistic about your vocation, skills or future. Pick a job that stimulates your creativity. Remain open to possibilities without feeling inhibited by fear.

Romance- Time to clear your energy. Your love life will improve when you emotionally and energetically release your past. The moment you make the decision to let go of the past it is done. Continue releasing  when familiar feelings arise or situations arise resonating the past. You may want to ceremonially burn a letter to release old baggage thus symbolically letting go of old feelings.

Angel message- You have been repeatedly receiving messages from angels through dreams, visions, inner voice or knowingness. Are you trusting and acknowledging these messages? Give your doubts or worries about divine guidance to the angels always surrounding you. Be assured that you are infact truly communicating with them.

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