Monday, 17 February 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 17th-23rd Feb 2014

This week apply your talents and imagination productively-do what you love and the money will flow. You need to be astute and take control of your  financial matters . Help others prosper too. Channel your energy in your job, business or project to bear fruit. This time assertiveness and directness is needed.Stand up for what you believe in.Other people too may benefit from your encouragement. A loyal friend will stand behind you.

Romance- There is a need to openly discuss deep feelings. You know what you want-go for it. Loyalty, devotion and ardor are strong factors to be considered in the relationship. You have been harboring feelings that are masking the feelings of love. There is still time to heal the relationship but it requires effort from your part.If necessary schedule an appointment with a counselor to help with discussion. This help will steer the conversation away from blame and more towards resolution. Whether you communicate with your partner alone or seek outside help , your heart to heart discussions will result in personal growth.By sharing your feelings , you stand a much better chance of teaching your partner about your needs, instead of suffering silently.

Angel message- Angels are asking you to make an inventory of your expectations. What is that you expect today, tomorrow or in the future? These expectations are the seeds of your intentions. i.e- you have set a goal and intend to achieve it. Your intentions drive your experiences. Choose love. See yourself and others as happy, successful and peaceful. This way you are helping not only yourself but others. The angels can help you release and replace any negative mental habits and patterns if you ask for their assistance.

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