Monday, 10 February 2014

Tarot /Angel Guidance 10- 16 Feb 2014

 Happiness and fun are all around you. Parties, social gatherings are foretold. New people will come into your life and you will make many new friends. You are likely to  receive riches which will bring happiness because they will result from properly applying your true self. If your health has been a problem be assured improvements and  more positive mental attitude. If looking for a direction in your career, you may find the perfect job or advance in your chosen field. Whatever you undertake now will give results. You don't have to strive or struggle. Relax and enjoy whatever little you have achieved.

Romance- Be aware of not taking other people's feelings for granted. Your partner may feel neglected so avoid being fickle and self absorbed. Revive passion in your life.No one can bring it to you but you!Anything that stirs your heart with love and joy will help passion enter your life and thus flow in your romantic life too. Enjoy this moment fully.

Angel message- Honor your body and spiritual path by eating high vibrating foods and beverages. Consume items that mirror your spiritual path. As you eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts , you will experience greater psychic clarity as well as increases sensitivity to energy. Be energetically open and ask angels to shield you from intense energies if it becomes too much. 

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