Monday, 10 December 2012

                 Angel Message 10th Dec-16th Dec 2012.

The Angels are nudging you this week to heal from any pain associated with your mother or father. Heal the emotions involved connected to your them. Time has come to heal all those inner children in you that stemmed from your childhood with regards to your parents. Eg: If you having problem or difficulty receiving love from others or in a relationship, the underlying emotions could stem from unhealed emotions you have toward your mother. Why? Because receptivity is feminine energy and is represented by our mothers.  So, If you afraid to to receive love or feel guilty in asking about your needs to be met, time is now to call upon the angels to help you heal.

On the other hand with your father the primary spiritual response is about male energy and developing confidence in your abilities to go out in the world and make a positive difference. If your self confidence is shaky, call upon the angels to help you mend and heal your emotional connections with your father.

Remember your parents do love you very much, even if the way they showed it wasn’t fulfilling for you. If your mother father are in in heaven this is a message in a way they saying “I love you”.
Go and sit comfortably in a quiet place and say this request loudly or silently-

“Dear guardian angels of myself and my mother and father, I call upon you now. I ask for your healing and blessings with my relationship with my parents. I am willing to release emotional toxins associated with my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. I ask the angels to help me replace all pain for peace and love right now’.

This week all the angels are guiding us to do is open your heart and be open to give and receive love. Your heart is wise and it is calling you to make important changes. Trust this wisdom and it will not let you down. If you are unhappy with a situation, it means that something is wrong and action is necessary. Ask the angels to give you courage and strength to make healthy changes at home and work.

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