Monday, 16 June 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 16th-22nd June 2014

This week you will emphasize spiritual issues rather than financial ones. Simplify your lifestyle , paring down your possessions to the necessities. An investment made right now  might not pay off. Its time to free yourself from people who drain your resources-emotional, creative or physical. You may feel that you are strained by work related responsibilities. Perhaps you are not using your talents in your work. Seek a more satisfying occupation. Work on developing your self worth from inside out, instead of equating "worth" with money and possessions.

Angel message- Archangel Michael is making his presence known to you. He is letting you know that, as you make changes in your life as as you encounter challenges, you are indeed safe and secure. He is helping you to stay true to yourself during trying times. Pour out all concerns to him.
* Archangel Michael is an  angel for courage and protection .

Romance- Find time alone with your partner or yourself. You maybe confused by other people's advice.time to disconnect so that you can better hear your own feelings and opinions. Spend time and get to know your partner by spending time doing things together or set off on a mini honeymoon. This will help in deepening commitment and take it to a deeper level.

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