Monday, 23 June 2014

Tarot/ Angel Guidance 23rd- 29th June 2014

A week of confusion and disagreements are on the forefront. Confusion can be about how to make, use, invest or simply spend money. Be practical-losses may result if you don't pay attention to whats going around you. Arguments, confusion and disarray will disrupt your work environment. Stay away from being too idealistic , ignoring practical and financial matters may cost you. Put aside ego issues that are keeping you to move forward.

Romance-  Petty matters may cause squabbles between you and your partner.Ego battles may flare up , but nothing gets resolved. Be more flexible and co- operative. There might be temporary period of loneliness .

Angel message- Allow your true self to be visible to others. Reveal and trust your true nature more easily. You may have believed that you had to hide feelings from others. Realize how vital and path breaking it is expressing your true self. The angels are with you on this path. The angels are helping you to lovingly express yourself to others and yourself without hurting or creating any mis understandings. Let your true self come out and play.

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