Monday, 3 March 2014

Tarot/Angel guidance 3rd March- 9th March 2014

An emotional week ahead. An old quarrel may surface which may lead to separation  . However, this separation will not be permanent. Separation will be more because of practical reasons than emotional one here. At this point of time there may be to many options to choose from and too many people to listen to, each of whom have different perspectives. The only way to deal with all that confusion will be to trust your gut/instincts.Just go with the opinion that feels right. It is true that all is not what is seems but no amount of logic will sort the truth from the false in these circumstances. Beware of wishful thinking it may lead you astray. Panic will not sort problems ,only patient effort will get you out of a difficult situation. You may feel irritable and prone to take out frustration on others ,thus being your own worst enemy. The way out will be very obvious just keep being aware and you will navigate through.

Romance- Your relationship requires patience, as there are many factors involved. The cards hint that your relationship is worth waiting for. Divine timing is at work here.Let it flow. If we try to impose our human will  and force things to happen, we become out of sync with nature and experience blockages. Follow your intuition, the angels are always working behind the scenes for you. Follow your intuition and walk the guided path.

Angel message- If you facing new challenges or need of an extra help, be assured that you are surrounded by the divine love at this moment. Angels are with you and adding an extra cushion of light and love around you. Let the angels lift your insecurities and fears by simply asking. You are truly blessed . Look around you - all that you have ,all that you feel,all that you have received and be certain that you are infact truly blessed.

Have a great week ahead.

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