Monday, 17 March 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 17th-23rd March 2014

A time to hang on to your gains. You will be accumulating wealth or will receive a sound financial backing. If you have made an investment , be assured its solid. All your attention this week will be on acquiring money and security. Saving schemes, property matters, insurance, anything concerning the bank will work to your advantage. Avoid being miserly and uncompromising. Apply your ideas and creativity in ways that produce stability. Strengthen your self worth and find security within yourself.

Romance - Financial issues are a factor in your love life right now. While work can be a source of heart opening satisfaction, it must be balanced with other facets of love like playfulness and laughter. Your love life will benefit if you infuse some lightheartedness in your life. Call upon for help from angels/universe/god to elevate your mood, energy levels, finances and career that will bring peace to you.

Angel message- Let go and let universe/god /angels help you. When you hold on lightly to a part of your life that's not working, it has no room to heal. Be willing to open your hands and allow situation to be freed. Either it will washed away and be replaced by a better situation or the situation will be healed in a miraculous way . Try not to control the outcome of your troubling situation. Let go and let yourself be guided!

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