Monday, 14 October 2013

Tarot guidance 14th Oct-20th Oct 2013

A period of restlessness and uncertainty with regards to practical and personal matters. Don’t initiate major changes or expect big results at this time. Finances may be unstable. Money may come in and go out quickly. Refrain from being impatient because progress may not be happening as you expected. Budget your time, energy and resources. Be content in small changes. In the matters of love you may feel impatient or restless in a relationship .Some adjustments might be necessary at this time.

Angel Message-Be surrounded by nature. The angels and fairies particularly know you wish to manifest money or some other material support. They will assist you in your endeavor provided you return the favor by doing something good for the environment. Doesn't have to be big. Picking your trash, using dustbins instead of footpaths and roads. Switching off lights when not needed etc., will go a long way in assisting having a balanced environment. 

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