Monday, 28 October 2013

Tarot /Angel guidance 28th Oct - 3rd Nov 2013

A birth of a new idea could be profitable. Concentrate on your objective and trust your own judgement. Mental clarity and focus  needed this week. .You need to be more objective and rational. In case of negotiating on a legal matter involving money, be assured the first stage will begin. In matters of love, there is need to open the channels of communication or discuss relationship issues in an objective ,forthright manner.

Angel message-The angels want you to trust your feelings. Your heart is wise and is calling out to make important changes .Honour your feelings. Eg: If you are unhappy with something, it means something is wrong and action is necessary. Also the angels are asking you to open your heart to love. The angels are assuring their protection, providing you courage and support to make healthy changes. Carry or wear rose quartz or keep fresh pink roses at your bedside at night to assist you opening your beautiful heart chakra.

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