Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Message from The Angels.

Happy Dear Readers , my apologies for missing the reading this Sunday because I have been travelling and haven’t had quiet time to do a proper reading for all. 
Happy Diwali to everyone out there and a very abundant a prosperous NEW YEAR!

I am pulling out an angel card to see what the Angels bring us at this auspicious time-
The Angels at this time are asking to put our entire intention on answering the question” How can I   world a better place?” and the Law of attraction will automatically will take care of your needs.
Focus your Higher Self’s mission to focus on service. Remember others are one with you. Connect that one greater force of the universe. While the ego always concentrate on “I” worries, Higher Self concentrates on giving service.
Focus on blessings instead of impressing others. Ask yourself “How may I Serve”? And put your higher Self in charge.

As you focus on giving,the universe automatically gives back to you.

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