Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to get in touch with your guardian Angels?
Easy Angel Meditation

Angels are around us all the time. All we need to do is call upon them/invoke them and ask for their help. They cannot intervene unless we invite them.  Just because you cannot immediately perceive something does not mean it’s not real. Your critical mind tunes out a lot of things around you all the time, but if you pay attention you will be surprised by what you are missing. One way to connect with your Angel is to increase your ability to perceive. Your angel is waiting for a signal.

Allow them to help you in ways that you thought impossible or considered a miracle.

To raise the vibration of the room-light a candle, keep flowers, crystals or just soothing music.
Before you begin, give an intention that whatever happens and whatever guidance you receive is for the highest good. Ask Angels to surround you, protect you and heal you.

1) Sit or lie comfortably. If there is a possibility that you might doze off, prefer sitting in a meditative pose.

2) Breathe deeply. In through your nose, out through the mouth. With each and every breath just relax and your mind will become calm. Try holding your breath to the count of four before exhaling if your mind wanders.

3) Imagine that you are breathing in pure white light that you direct to the tip of your toes and fingers, spiral the light all around you and imagine you are sending this light out from your heart. Say to yourself “Only those beings of higher vibrations than I am can communicate with me at this point. Thankyou". This is for your protection.

4) While you deep into meditation, simply speak to your guardian angel. Ask your guardian angel its name. If nothing comes don’t worry, it will come to you at the right time.

5) Speak to your guardian angels about anything in your mind and wait for a reply. The reply is often so fast you might think you are saying the answers. They are usually like a flash of thoughts and in third party. The thoughts/answers you receive are filtered according to your spiritual beliefs, conditioning and cultural background. These answers are for you. Make a note of them.

6) Invite your guardian Angel to come close. Fell its gentle warm wings enfold you into safety.

7) No matter what you see or feel stay relaxed and centered. Do not become emotional or try to force the experience. All you have to do is accept the experience. It’s passive, you really not doing anything. If you feel uncomfortable come out gently and try it next time.

8) After you have finished asking all your questions, simply thank them. You can count from 1-5 and slowly awaken at the count of five, fully awake.

You can ask the Guardian angels anything but they will never tell you this path or that path. They can and do only through your gut instinct, intuition etc. But decisions are always left to you because they will not go against your free will.
The key to this whole experience is to expand your awareness of what is around you and within you. its inner work. By using effective visualizations, meditations,prayers you can see and talk to your Guardian Angel/s.

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Love and Light
Sharvee Chaturvedi

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