Monday, 22 September 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 22nd-30th September 2014

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Success on many levels is achieved by your experience in establishing human connections and your competence in dealing with emotional matters. You will be able to be yourself, rely on your intuition and experience life to the fullest because you know that even when you encounter problems , your positive outlook enables you to deal with them and then move beyond them. Commit to things higher than yourself. Your family members and close ones will be supportive as well as understanding and forgiving so you can count on them for help with a matter in question. 

Romance- Get away to ignite the spark. Take a holiday. If you are looking for a partner , a change of place and head space will help you clear the cobwebs of doubts and fear . A new outlook and clarity of what you want will take you in the desired direction in your life thus a desired partner.

Angel Message- You maybe feeling a mixture of many feelings:confusion, excitement, fear, doubts. You are going through a time of rapid spiritual growth. Surrender these fears. Trust that you are supported , loved and guided each moment. Dont worry how your future will blend with your spiritual growth. Trust the power to take care of everything. 

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