Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tarot/Angel  Guidance month of July 2014

Someone is watching you this month. You may receive a message or information concerning money. Analyze financial matters yourself, rather than relying on someone else. Use caution. Alternate plans maybe necessary Develop confidence in your own ideas instead of naively following someone else's plan. In order to succeed . you may need to strengthen your analytical ability or skills. You need to think for yourself and become more independent . Rather than struggling ,relax , surrender and seek understanding.

Romance- Observe your partner or relationship in order to gain understanding. You and your partner may be talking and thinking about love rather than feeling it.If you have been longing for romance ,take charge and make it happen. romance yourself first. treat yourself good. First affirm that its already inside you. If single and wondering if you are ready for a relationship? be assured you are! You are being guided to take action. 

Angel message- Release anger and irritation. You may be perfectly justified in feeling angry but you may be paying a high price in remaining angry.. Be willing to no longer carry pain in response to your actions. You are just punishing yourself. Your angels are willing to  help you release feelings of unforgiveness if you ask for their help. All you need to do is ask!

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  1. accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wil work on it!!! :)