Monday, 26 May 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 26th May-1st June 2014

A week to act decisively ,rather than vacillating. Use what you know to take charge of a financial situation or matter. Leadership is needed. Don't reveal your information or sources at this time. Remain detached and and try not let your emotions influence you. Investments involving communication will be profitable. A great time to indulge in communication or intellectual pursuits.Develop your mental powers and use knowledge to place yourself in a more commanding position. Focus and clarity are important.

Romance- Someone from the past is returning in your life.The first person you think of is likely who it will be. The purpose is to achieve healing and closure with respect to the past. An opportunity to know and understand yourself better and ability to see your relationship patterns be will heightened. You will also take responsibility for the role you played in the drama, which will be freed by forgiveness.You could also make peace with a friend or a family member.Be open to learning and blessings that come along the way.

Angel message- Thoughts do not choose you but you choose them. Monitor your thoughts and alter them. You may doubt your concentration abilities yet always remember that god is within your mind. You can experience great strength by affirming " I am now able to focus my mind at will. I hold only loving thoughts, and my angels act as gatekeepers to allow stream of only loving thoughts"

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