Monday, 7 April 2014

Tarot/Angel Guidance 7th -13th April 2014

Even though things may seem difficult right now, stick to your financial plan, venture or course of action. The need of the hour is to put in all the effort you can. Stand your ground but try to avoid conflict over money or possessions at this time. Keep your enthusiasm high and continue to put  in your efforts. Set your priorities and invest energy where it will do you the most good. It may take time but you shall succeed.Avoid people, places, distractions that bring you down.

Romance- Do what's necessary to make your relationship work. Difficulties can be resolved, but it may take time and effort.Stay positive and involved even though it seems easiest to quit trying. If you have a shield around your heart how is love supposed to get in?A closed heart repels a sensitive partner or sensitivity from a partner you wish to attract.

Angel message- Pay attention to your physical body. The angels are reminding you that when a body is well tuned, emanates greater harmony.Ask angels to help you with motivation and making time to exercise . purify and maintain your physical body.

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