Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What you Resist Persists!!!

I begin this blog by sharing something I heard Jennifer Aniston saying to Oprah just after a highly hyped divorce. She said "what you resist persists"( said by Carl Jung), and it got me thinking  it kind of applies to us all in all our areas of life we struggling to come to terms with and adapting to constant changes we go through different phases of life, after-all life isn’t constant.

So, what you resist persists so what does one do? Either, fight that resistance or accept or let it go as most spiritual teachers will give an advice to let it go!! But I ask what is that we need to let go? The feelings or the memories associated with those feelings or the person or the event itself? I feel It usually comes down to acceptance. I know one will ask, "is it fair to accept   various situations/people we come across where we felt we been victimized? That’s pretty debatable. 

We as humans are conditioned everyday by our society and environment ,we see things which are beautiful ,appealing and we tell ourselves we would like to have them  and then we also see things which we don’t want and try hard and fight those. And it got me thinking it all boils down to not thinking negative (because we humans will have experiences which might feel negative to us and make us feel that way) but it’s the attitude we have to those negative feelings and situations. We been stuffed in our heads with this notion that negative feelings are undesirable and we keep fighting in our heads how it shouldn't be visible or known to anyone else...( I cant be nervous. Nobody should even know how insecure I am. What will people say if I try this? I have to keep going even though I feel blocked and fearful. Etc) we can’t share our deepest fears and negative feelings lurking around in our minds because all we fear is we will be judged. Thus, we begin fighting with our ourselves, trying to make those feelings go away and in the process of shutting the negative feelings we turn weaker and shut off our emotionality and diminish our power to express and be open to life in general. Result - we function through life as if we are dead emotionally.

 So I looked towards the people who talk about it often and lets see what they are trying to put across minus the complicated chatter our minds succumb to when bombarded with spiritual speeches and lectures. So, how we deal with ourselves first?
1. If you feel the need to blame anyone blame yourself but know when you wallowing in self pity and take responsibility for  whatever is happening in your life.( I believe this is truly based on law of karma)

2. Accept yourself first and all the feelings you feeling, accept all of them with love. Accept that probably the situation and circumstances are there because you need to experience that for your own higher good. For once we accept what life has to offer and not fight it.

3.We might not always know whets best for us, sometimes be overwhelmed and not know what to do, get lost from time to time and ask god "why me"?. But we always have that force for us unconditionally and we need to believe that there is.

4. Have faith after all the world rests on that. If we do find ourselves stuck and present situation is too difficult to handle turn to your breath .See 100% in the now. 

5. List all that you are grateful for .speak them out loud when alone for all that you grateful for. Trust me once you start you will feel it’s kind of endless for we do have been blessed with a lot. And I say it’s a miracle, a big thank you and you will have a smile on your face.

6. Chant if you can’t sit still and meditate quietly. Anything you feel resonant with. e.g.: Buddhist chant "Nam Myho Renge kyon" Stay with your breath and chant out loud or under your breath whatever suits you. Or one can try ho’oponopno (will talk about that in another post) or yoga /exercise.

7. Affirmations! that’s what I personally really enjoy. I make my own and chant them morning and night (it’s said 30 minutes before you dose off are your magical minutes). Keep up that affirmation for at least 21 days as it’s said that is the time required for your new nuero pathways to form...

8. WRITE AND WRITE. Keeping a journal is for nothing. It’s a form of release. (I personally when feel the need; I write all the stuff, vent it out and burn it. It symbolizes release to me to angels and spirit guides... because I believe in magic and fantasy) 


9. Stop being so rigid and be flexible and that will easily cater to your acceptance issues. Trust your inner self and rely only on yourself. (For me it means stop expecting from others not in a derogatory way just stop expecting people to do things on their own whenever you want to.)  

10. Lastly, Read a motivational book at least a couple of pages everyday... (And tell me how it feels :))

To sum all things up. We lucky to be alive and all the things we already have but take it for granted. There still are going to be times which seem difficult, stressful and nerve racking. There still be things which might hurt us but we need to remind ourselves to go back to being just ourselves. Every moment we are growing and learning and find bliss in laughter and love. That never going to change ever.

It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.
- Carl Jung

Love and light 
Sharvee :)
 P.s- next post I will bring in tarot readings and lots of free readings for you guys...Stay tuned...;)